How a communications solution is built on the back-end tells a lot about how it will perform on the front-end. Pieced-together unified communications systems are full of complexity and rob your enterprise of energy. A more intelligent approach is a single all-in-one platform, which creates more power.

The features in a unified communications solution might link media channels and users more tightly, but most UC frameworks arenít unified at all. Theyíre mostly stitched-together products from different vendors with a UC banner wrapped around them. Interactive Intelligence created its IP telephony software on a single integrated platform ó all-in-one for communications and business functions of all kinds, powerful enough to unify your entire enterprise. More importantly with a complete N+1 architecture for all media operations, our software solution is scalable in ways that pieced together UC systems arenít. With one platform, enterprises smartly connect departments, workgroups, contact centers, branch offices and remote and mobile workers. They extend call control and messaging to the desktops of 100 users or 15,000, and ACD capabilities from a few contact center agents up to 5,000. They scale up or down as needed. Enterprises also add advanced capabilities such as outbound predictive dialing and business process automation with applications and licensing, without tacking on more systems.

Our platform unifies communications inherently ó and always has.

One platform to grow your business
Single all-in-one platform approach. Improve communications control and reduce costs at the same time. CIC centralizes multichannel processing along with system configuration, administration and reporting. And with no multi-vendor sourcing, fewer servers, a smaller datacenter footprint and less energy consumption, you reduce equipment and operations costs dramatically.

Easy deployment and administration
Auto-configure CICís gateways for IP networks and VoIP, then auto-provision and manage cost-saving IP phones ó or even more cost-saving Interaction SIP Stationô call control devices ó throughout your enterprise. CICís Interactive Updateô application even handles service updates automatically.

Scalable all-software architecture
CICís incremental application licensing makes scalability straightforward and cost-effective, as does its multi-site location independence and disaster recovery. That is, you deploy and manage applications as needed, when needed, including to multiple sites and users wherever theyíre located. The integrated CIC application suite is also far more reliable, since it eliminates unstable voice processing cards along with the many points of potential failure that come with multi-system configurations.

Complete voice and interaction functionality
Get dial tone plus multichannel queuing and routing, interactive voice response (IVR), speech-enabled auto-attendant, unified messaging, conferencing, presence management and more. At the desktop, CICís straightforward and intuitive client application makes users and interaction processes much more efficient, instinctively.

Cost-effective multichannel customer service
Calls, faxes, e-mail, web chat, SMS, online forms, and social media, CIC handles all types of communications the same way for service thatís both consistent and responsive. Streamlined real-time monitoring and end-to-end reporting in CIC make it easy to ensure service quality across channels, while advanced applications for multichannel recording/scoring and automated post-call satisfaction surveys help improve service performance on a continuous basis.

Mobile support for location-independent use
Put CICís mobility-based applications in the hands of your sales force and field technicians for the same functionality as their in-office counterparts: company-wide presence, one number Find-me/Follow-me, conferencing, ad-hoc call recording, unified messaging, and speech-enabled access to e-mail, calendars and contacts. Mobile users can use softphones, smart phones, e-mail clients and web browsers to access the CIC system from anywhere.