Arabic & English Text to Speech (TTS) (Nuance/Sakhr)

The TTS (text to speech) engine converts Arabic text into a natural, human-sounding voice output. Recognized as the industry leader in quality and performance, TTS is deployed across the Middle East in IVR phone systems, directory assistance, desktop applications, mobile services, and embedded devices and products. TTS operates with pre-packaged voices or custom-built voices for clients. TTS is available in both desktop and embedded versions.

TTS overcomes traditional challenges of the Arabic language, such as lack of diacritics and punctuation, with a powerful Arabic natural language processing (NLP) platform.
Service offering based on ASR/ TTS :

Email Reader
Auto Attendance
News Reader
Business Directory
Flight schedule Stock Reader
Education Portal

Packaged Infrastructure

2Share Provides total integrated Interactive Voice Response systems based on latest IVR technology with the support of Arabic ASR "Automated Speech Recognitions" /TTS " Text to speech" , Web management integrations , Interactive and bulk call services and customization & Integrations for all of type of voice oriented services.

Voice portal services in Saudi Arabia are one of the newest successful VAS (Value Added Services) in terms of new innovation of human interactions. Voice portals are steadily growing in the Saudi Market. Voice Portal operators are spearheading the voice portal growth in Saudi Arabia.

Presently, voice portal services in Saudi Arabia normally work on a “short code” (short dialing number for users) and ‘users-pay-per-minute-of-usage’ basis or subscription basis.

To use voice portal services, one does not have to learn or know anything new as anyone who can dial using a mobile phone can start using voice portal by just dialing a short number.