The workplace has changed. In most companies, the corporate office is no longer the central hub of productivity, data or communications. Today’s workforce includes a growing number of distributed, remote and mobile workers, capable of conducting business securely anytime and anywhere business takes them. Advances in technology, greater emphasis on efficiency and the demands of a new generation of worker have been catalysts for this fundamental change, where telework becomes the norm.

What 2Share and Its Partner Can Do For You?

Solution Features

  • 2Share and its Partner systems do provide CRM that can be used between Teleworker and
    the employer.
  • Service life cycle can be managed by CRM
  • New customers (SMEs)can be created and services can be offered to them.
  • Tasks can be managed based on priority
  • Task assignment management features is used to manage assigned tasks to teleworker.
  • Administrative control is for managers to create custom tasks and manage them
  • Customer communication tool is used by teleworker. Pre-built email responses can be sent.
  • User portal shows communication channels and also presence for managers and other staff.
  • Teleworker can receive calls by web phone.
  • Also they have option to use efile cabinet to save files.
  • Managers can use internal messaging to communicate with telworkers.
  • Managers can change the pricing and also services through the portal.
  • Service can be configured by the portal
  • Service managers can be assigned by location.
  • The services can be managed on hours level.
  • The customers can manage their own services and orders by web portal.
  • Sales leads can be managed
  • Sales leads can be scheduled.
  • Shopping cart is also available for online purchasing of services with banking transactions.
  • Administrator can create users, assign permissions and access rights.
  • Sales leads can be managed
  • Permissions can be assigned based on roles
  • HR features of leave and vacation are also available.
  • Time sheet and hourly report is also available for teleworkers.
  • Different features for timesheet and vacation are available.