Social networking is the trend and has become part of everybody’s life. The social networking is no more confined to once personal use like blogging, sharing and messaging. The influence of social networking is such that most of the leading business corporations ranging from Large Enterprises to Medium and small businesses; irrespective of industry, domain and vertical of their operations; are using social networking as reliable media to reach out to their customers in a way convenient to end users and their customers.

The operations and customer support is also been provided over social media by most of the businesses worldwide and is accepted by the customers widely.

The concept of Private Social Networking is also very widely used and accepted these days. Every website has its own social networking section included as part of the web site where users of the website talk to each other and find/share solutions and useful information.

Why do you require our own Social Networking web site?

There are several reasons why having your own community makes a better sense:

   The community you build is hosted by you.
You define the rules for how your community works.
You control the privacy of the community members.
You can design the community as you want.
You can develop custom features fully integrated with your website.
You don't depend on availability and up-time of external services.
You can integrate the community with other Enterprise systems, such as MS Share Point
      Portal, CRM etc.
You can connect your community with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.