ProDictate Overview

  • Modular license model
  • ProDictate combines digital dictation and speech recognition
  • Web-based company-wide workflow with user interface in Internet Explorer
  • Mobile and stationary dictation with excellent speech quality
  • Individual adaptation to customer wishes
  • Interfaces to third-party systems

ProDictate Technology
  • ProDictate as a pure Windows application, built entirely on the .Net platform
  • Internet Explorer as the user interface with SSL encryption
  • Controlled dictation transfer through a service/agent
  • No activation of Java or Active X components
  • No installation of applications or hardware drivers on the PC’s
  • Integration in Active Directory user management (single sign-on)
  • ProDictate can be implemented on server hardware with Microsoftฎ Windowsฎ Server         
     2000/2003/2008 and MS SQL 2000/2005
  • Virtualization with VMWARE/ESX/XEN/MS Virtual Server
  • Interfaces to the dictation and transcription workstation
  • ProDictate supports USB devices in a Citrixฎ application with separate Virtual
    channels drivers and thin clients


Digital Dictation System
  • Automatic software distribution through Microsoftฎ
     Frameworks on the client systems
  • Central administration console and user settings
  • Hardware configuration (group- and user-specific)
  • Pool and pool script concept for dictations
  • Dictation workstation
  • Transcription workstation
  • Dictation list
  • USB hardware support
  • Interfaces to third-party systems


     ProDictate Modules

     Basic module
       • Digital dictation system

    Optional modules
       • Speech recognition
       • Document management
       • Active Directory user management
       • Reporting
  • Citrix integration
  • E-mail notifications
  • Connection of mobile dictation devices ProMobile,
         Grundig and Philips
     • Billing (under development)

ProDictate ProMobile Module
  • Dictation information entry (demographics)
        - Patient selection via dropdown list
        - Correct assignment of dictations
  • Clear dictation lists for open and sent dictations
  • Controlled dictation transfer via e-mail or HTTP/HTTPS
         - BES, BIS, Direct TCP, WLAN
  • Dictation encryption
        - AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) symmetrical
        - DES algorithm 64-bit encryption
  • Local configuration or remote configuration through
  • AMR recording codec 1 min = 98 KB
  • All professional functions like insert recording, FF,REW,
    Play, Stop

ProDictate E-Mail Module

E-Mail Notification

• Notification for the dictation creator that the dictation has been transcribed
• Transcribed reports can be send within the E-Mail body, or as an attachment
• Configurable text modules with variables
• Notifications configurable according to profiles