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2Share is a registered CISCO partner providing networking solutions for its customers.
2Share established since 2007 as full integrated networking solutions and telecommunication provider, with full CISCO certified engineer support for designing and implementation.

Key Points
While CISCO Systems is a worldwide leader in networking for the internet, using internet protocol (IP) based networking solutions, 2Share, take the opportunity to be one of the CISCO certified to provide it’s networking solutions.

Based on the CISCO technologies and networking products, 2Share is provide the broadest line of solutions for transporting data, voice, and video within building, across campuses, and around the world to support the following entities:

IP-based networking solutions
• Internet connectivity
• Corporate networks
• Government networks

Customer Focus
 How 2share focuses on its customers:
1- Matching industry, leading solutions to business needs
2- Provide complete service and support
3- Offers proactive plans for implementation and deployment
4- Responds quickly to customer demands

   1- Routing and Switching
2- Unified Communication Systems (IP Telephony)
3- Security and management
4- Wireless Connections Solutions

Benefits of CISCO solutions
   1- Cost efficiency
2- Increase Productivities
3- Business leverages
4- Product leadership
5- Comprehensive network services
 6- Network-wide product compatibility

Services & Support

2Share delivers a suite of services that addresses each phase of the network life cycle:
1- Consulting
2- Planning
3- Designing
4- Implementation
5- Operation
 6- Optimization

2Share offer the state of the art in technology to connect all branches of customer. The solutions is based on ADSL, Lease Line, Direct Internet Access (DIA), Frame Relay, etc… services, which each branch will be connected from Telecommunication Provider, and 2share will configure all connections in one cloud to serve the customer.

The used technology allow customer to send and receive email, files, video and voice communications within GROUP, BRANCHES in a virtual private network over a shared networking infrastructure like MPLS.

The advantages of the IP VPN solution are as follows:
• IP based network, which the state of the arts of technology used now in the world
• Dedicated network running the data, voice, and video transfer of information.
• Data security, IP VPN networks are completely isolated, no components is accessible by or
   visible to unauthorized parties or the public network.
• Scalable network, can add or remove sites and network components easily, quickly and
   without major disruptions to its operation.
• Cost Effective Solutions, IP VPN is a mesh network whose nodes are all connected to each
   other. This eliminates the need for hub site unlike traditional data network such as frame
   relay, lease line, and etc…
• Application Access, enabling customer’s employees anywhere to access critical business
   applications and services anytime, such as (Finance, Inventory, HR, etc…)
• Deliver highly quality communication services.

2) Unified Communication Systems (IP Telephony)
IP Telephony is the technology for transferring voice communication over the network using open-standard IP. CISCO IP telephony products are a central component of the CISCO unified communication system of voice and IP communication products that can help you streamline business processes, reach the right resources the first time, and generate greater profits.

2Share will provide a comprehensive suite of IP-based hardware and software products, including IP phones, media processing devices, voice over IP (VOIP) gateways, and multimedia applications. This suit of solutions scales from a small sites or branch offices to large, multisite enterprise deployments and can integrate with existing systems to help customers migrate to full unified communication and product your technology investment.

Advantages of deploying IP-Telephony
  • Faster resolution of voice issues
  • Rapid detection and notification of voice anomalies
  • Voice recording
  • Scalable wireless voice services
  • Video as a sample addition
  • Cost efficiency

3) Security
•  All the provided products by 2Share will be under the umbrella of CISCO, which is ranking
     as the best security products provider worldwide.
  • The designing engineers will design and configure the security required for customers
     based on the network required from network dept.

4) Wireless Network
The Cisco Secure Wireless Solution is a comprehensive security framework that combines confidential communications for information in transit, policy control for a variety of users and deployment scenarios, and a robust threat defense capability to protect information and systems from wireless threats.

It delivers a comprehensive architecture that integrates the inherent security capabilities of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network with relevant security solutions, including the Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) Appliance, the Cisco ASA 5500 Series Firewall with Cisco Intrusion Protection System (IPS) software, and the Cisco Security Agent, as well as many other components.

Components of a secure wireless network
The Cisco Secure Wireless Solution is an end-to-end architecture that integrates key security and wireless solutions to deliver standards-based, industry-leading network protection. The architecture combines both wired and wireless security services to present a unified suite of security capabilities that not only deliver a more robust threat defense but also lower the total cost of implementing and maintaining a secure wireless network.

Critical features of the Cisco Secure Wireless Solution include:
  • Unified wired and wireless intrusion protection system/intrusion detection system
  • Client validation, posture assessment, and remediation
  • Wireless single sign-on and 802.1X integration
  • Granular control for secure guest access
  • Host intrusion prevention
  • Rogue detection via automatic RF monitoring
  • Wireless security management