2share is the first company in the Middle east that implements a complete unified Voice Portals based on IVR and Arabic speech-enabled voice services for telecommunication operators, Government, commercial services providers and for contents providers "newspapers, magazines & radios ".

Voice Portals are powerful conversational dialog system that connect the world of telephony with that of data processing . They work like just like agents in a call center.

This solution is a speech-enabled voice portal which allows callers to conveniently access a central port and retrieve important information, at any time and from anywhere. The solution provides callers with access to any type of information they choose, including news, stock quotes, poets, sports and getaways, just to name a few. It provides information and entertainment services using a natural, human-like caller interface. It can be tailored to fit market information preferences by determining callers’ current market interests and trends.

There are multiple of use for the voice portals such as:

  Operators Portals
• News
• Interactive Services
• Voting/Dedications/Surveys
• Interactive radios (Radio On Demand)
• Entertainment services

  Government Portals
• Interactive Government services
• Government information services

  Commercial Portals
• Interactive Stock Market
• Directories
• Consultant services