Customer Interaction Center (CIC) are an IP communications platform and pre-integrated application suite developed specifically for the demands of today’s multi-channel contact center. More importantly, CIC is an all-in-one solution that unifies communications, information and business processes throughout your organization — allowing agents to respond to customers more dynamically, IT staff to eliminate multi-point legacy system headaches, and the customer experience to be a consistent and satisfactory one for every customer you serve.

Unlike any other call center

Improve Customer

Multi-channel contact options, multimedia routing, auto attendant, self-service automation and advanced real-time quality monitoring tools work in unison to ensure a positive customer experience.


Replace expensive legacy multi-point hardware systems with the CIC suite for IP PBX, ACD, IVR, conferencing, e-mail routing, recording, reporting and more.

Easily move
to VoIP

Pave a straightforward, standard based path to VoIP with CIC single SIP-architected platform, gateways, and media server packaged with a SIP proxy.


Support the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt audio and call control information.

Enjoy broader

Integrate to a wider choice of third-party networking equipment, applications and back-end systems. Pre-integrated Microsoft plug-ins also embed CIC call controls into the Microsoft® Office Communicator client, Outlook® and Dynamics™ GP and CRM.


Leverage CIC's auto-provisioning capability for Polycom® phones, get advanced automated options for e-mail routing, and use the CIC system’s Report Assistant to simplify custom reporting.

Performance across your call center


3-50 ACD agents
100-1,500 business users
50-5,000 ACD agents
1,500-15,000 business users
Support growth by adding servers
Start small, grow larger, license only what you need…

Total Contact Management

TDM, IP or hybrid; tie in to existing PBX to maximize investment protection.

ACD | Multimedia Queuing | Priority and skills-based routing | E-mail routing
Queue and route inbound calls, faxes, e-mails, Web chats, Web callbacks, trouble
  tickets, and tasks to agents and workgroups.

Auto attendant
Structure voice menus, prompts for callers’ account numbers, etc.

Interaction tracking
Track all media types by contact, company, location and other parameters.

Real-time presence management
   Ensure agent availability at all times.

Built-in multi-lingual support
Support options for English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and other languages.

Remote and at-home agents
Support agents from anywhere via remote system access; mobile workers can also leverage

CRM integrations | Screen pop
Integrate to the most popular CRM packages and support screen pops, database lookups
   and embedded call controls

Outbound dialing
Create and manage preview, power, predictive, precise, multi-modal “agentless”
   campaigns using Interaction Dialer®

Pure blended inbound/outbound campaign management
Optimize agent resources in a blended environment.

IVR | intelligent speech recognition
Support industry-leading speech recognition engines plus DTMF-unified input tools and
   VoiceXML to automate self-service processes.

Graphical application generator
Create and modify logic flows and rapidly deploy enhanced interaction processing
   applications using call center’s built-in Interaction Designer® tools.

Quality Monitoring

Real-time continuous monitoring
Oversee agents and workgroups, monitor queues and stations, listen to lines, record
   interactions, view queue summary statistics and more Multi-channel recording Digitally
   record calls as well as e-mails, faxes, Web chats and screens.

End-to-end reporting
Track performance with nearly 100 standard reports, including a Report Assistant to
   simplify ad-hoc custom reporting.

Agent monitoring/ mentoring/ scoring
Full quality assurance with search/review and agent questionnaires.

User-definable alarms
Automatically receive alerts whenever important conditions occur.

Alert monitor view
View & manage real-time exceptions across operations Real-time system/agent/workgroup
  monitoring and alerts Equip supervisors to make faster, more informed

Screen recording
Ensure that agents are performing as required.

Post-call satisfaction surveys
Support agent training and improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).



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